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Tekhnee is active in three intertwined lines of work dedicated to excellence in Western art-music, according to a detailed roadmap:

Structural hearing: A curriculum fusing the practice of Schenkerian analysis with the production of sound at the instrument, in pursuit of musical aptitudes well above “competence” or “literacy”: richly complex hearing, probing score-reading faculties, a persuasive interpretive imagination, and matching psychomotor reflexes.

Sensors for expert music performance: An ecosystem of sensor-based aids to psychomotor precision in artistic training. (Patents are pending.)

Playability studies: An interdisciplinary research & development program on piano-music playability.

Research and academic integrity underpin everything we choose to do.

Pilot programs and other opportunities open periodically with limited spaces. To express your interest, please fill out our pilot program contact form (approx. 7 minutes).
UPDATE: Places in our pilot programs are currently unavailable. You may wish to subscribe to our email list below and receive announcements of upcoming opportunities, which are anticipated during the summer.

We are housed in A Grid, Aalto University's new innovation hub in Helsinki, in stellar scholarly, creative, and entrepreneurial company.